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The seeds of Greenbutts were planted in 2010 with the launch of our conceptual filter. The global interest and overwhelming positive feedback helped establish our company as a pioneer in the field of degradable filters. Since those early days, Greenbutts has worked with leading research and development institutions as well as international tobacco companies to produce our current biodegradable filter technology. Greenbutts has developed and patented technology that provides an alternative to the planet-polluting acetate filter.



Today, 1.1 Billion smokers consume 6 Trillion cigarettes per year. That equates to 18 billion cigarettes every single day, 365 days a year. Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When discarded, cellulose acetate filters can take up to 15 years to degrade. When the acetate filters do degrade they break down into tiny pieces of plastic that end up in waterways and oceans. The massive amounts of acetate plastic that enter waterways and oceans each year is a significant hazard to water quality and marine animals.


Help bring real change by supporting local legislative proposals to mandate an end to cellulose acetate filters.


Provide a viable alternative to the planet polluting cellulose acetate filter and hence accelerate change.


Produce a filter that rapidly biodegrades prior to entering waterways and oceans.


Manufacture our filters from only the finest natural materials.




“We designed a filter that is biodegradable, cost effective, and maintains the sensory experience that smokers expect.”

Tadas LISauskas  |  Co-Founder

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Greenbutts has designed a natural, rapidly degrading cigarette filter using raw materials including flax, cotton, and manila hemp with no artificial compounds or chemical residues. The unique blend of materials is designed to allow for standard paper filter manufacturing run rates on existing paper filter machinery, offering a seamless transition for the cigarette industry.

Our prototype filters are capable of achieving desirable tar/nicotine retention and pressure drop values, providing a viable alternative to filters manufactured of fine cellulose acetate.

The average time for degradation of a Greenbutts filter is 3 days in compost or 2 minutes when dispersed in water at 150 rpm agitation. In comparison, it can take up to 15 years for common acetate filters to degrade.


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