What is a Greenbutt?

Greenbutts are patented filters for tobacco or cannabis cigarettes that are made of all natural, food grade fibers. We’ve spent almost a decade designing and developing these filters to provide the same taste and filtration properties as current acetate filters. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for the cigarette industry to switch from acetate ( plastic ) filters to our biodegradable alternative.

How long does it take for your filters to degrade?

The speed of degradation depends on environmental factors ( moisture, bacteria and sunlight ). Through various tests we have found that Greenbutts filters will disperse in water within a few minutes and degrade in compost within 7 days as opposed to 10-15 years as is the case with cellulose acetate.

Where can we find filters for sale?

Greenbutts is first and foremost a research and development company and not a manufacturer of filters. We provide the patented technology and know-how to our customer who would like to produce these filters in their own facilities. We also have the ability through our third party manufacturing contractors to produce filters to customers specifications if needed. Please click on the contact us page to request more information.